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Thank you for supporting ‘BLAKEAWAY’

A labour of love, created out of necessity. We are a family business who was hit incredibly hard by the devastating effects of the Corona Virus on the hospitality industry.

10 years ago we developed take home meals as a side revenue stream to help get us through the quiet winters. As we grew this became less of a focus and only something that we sold through our hole in the wall café to loyal clients.

On Friday the 13th of March, when we realised we had lost all of our upcoming events, we took a gamble, we had to adapt. We had 20 full time employees and absolutely no revenue. So, take home meals became our sole focus.

Each week you will receive a menu, curated by our executive chef Dylan Roberts. Meals not created by a production line but prepared by our team of fully qualified chefs.

By signing up you will receive our weekly menu via email, you select the meals you want, place your order. A new menu is released every Wednesday at 9am and available for orders until 10pm the following Tuesday. Deliveries & pick ups are within 24 hours of placing your order. To join & create an account click here or if you have created an account and wish to login & place an order click here

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Current menu | 27TH MAY TO 2ND JUNE

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BLAKEAWAY - 27.05 to 02.06


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